Platforma nevladnih organizacij za razvoj, globalno učenje in humanitarno pomoč


SLOGA is a platform of non-governmental organizations (NGOs),
which work in the field of international development cooperation, global education and humanitarian aid.

The aim of the SLOGA platform is to connect and strengthen the partnerships among Slovenian NGOs, which are active and/or are raising awareness of Slovenian and European public about uneven distribution of global wealth and subsequent significance of global solidarity and interdependence.

Main task of SLOGA is to monitor and actively cooperate in the design, implementation and evaluation of Slovenian and European policies of international development cooperation, with the aim of advocating for the public interest on the field of social balance and responsibility, respect of human rights, equal opportunities, education, solidarity, sustainable development and greater integration of vulnerable social groups into decision-making processes in the context of development cooperation. Thus, SLOGA actively cooperates with political decision-makers and representatives of Slovenian media.

SLOGA is organizing education and training activities for development NGOs, is informing relevant stakeholders about contemporary issues on national, European and global level on weekly basis, is linking NGOs in the consortium partnerships for joint candidatures for European and national calls, and is encouraging all interested stakeholders to cooperate in SLOGA’s working groups.

HQ: Povšetova 37, 1000 Ljubljana
Office: Kopitarjeva 4, 1000 Ljubljana

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Members of Secretariat

Max Shonhiwa Zimani

Max Shonhiwa Zimani

Platform Director

Nataša Novak

Nataša Novak

Public relations

Marjan Huč

Marjan Huč

Senior Advocacy Officer

Nataša Trbanc

Nataša Trbanc

Project Manager

SLOGA Board Members

Expert Council

  • Aleksandra Gačić, president of the council
  • Tanja Leskovar
  • Jana Lampe
  • Franci Zlatar
  • dr. Boštjan Udovič

Contact Us

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