21 May 2012

I have tried several phrases to start my writing with but I couldn’t find a more suitable phrase than friendship relations! I am talking about the friendship relations between two friend countries Slovenia & Afghanistan. Afghanistan, the place where I am coming from. Before I leave for Slovenia, I studied about it and visited its website, but being in Slovenia really gives me the power to feel it; the real green nature, the huge diversity of things really attracted me. The nice people, the respect to law, the practice of human rights and specifically women rights are the climaxes that are the fundamentals of a developed country and practically I can see them here in Slovenia and feel them.

But I have One concern that is about the young Slovenian generation, there is quite a lot of opportunities for them to learn, to become experts and to improve, but I see majority of them are not making use of these opportunities in the best way possible, I see more hobbies than being leaned to the chair and study or research, I see too many of the youth are keen to go around, and having parties than to study, but maybe I am not still that familiar with this part of the world.

The initiative of having an internship program with Afghanistan NGOs is a nice planned task by the government of Slovenia and NGOs of Slovenia, on top of which are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sloga NGDO. Being in Slovenia and working with different NGOs and being aware of their work procedures, planning and implementation gives me the idea how to better work in Afghanistan, when I am back.

I found out the professionals of Slovenia the right people to get knowledge from, people who endeavored a lot to become expert on the field of their subject by the opportunities were ahead of them, and the vital assistance Slovenes can do for Afghans is to enhance the capacity of Afghans and pave the ground for them to make use of the education opportunities provided by the government of Slovenia and Slovenian NGOs.

On top of the demands of Afghans always I see proper knowledge and situation to get it, I am very happy that the internship program through which I am here will help me a lot and wish it to be continued for a longer period. In addition to that I ask the Slovene Government to provide Afghan Students with some Scholarships even, so that Afghans get the proficiency which is needed.

Now is the time to help Afghanistan a bit more in terms of Education, economy and some other issues, because Afghanistan has almost become secure and is forwarding ahead, I am happy today, that the world is changing its way of assistance to Afghanistan, I hope Slovenia by the majority of the professionals that it posses change its way of assisting too, Afghanistan needs more training on every aspect than military forces only, I hope that the assistance shall be coordinated through more loyal civil NGOs to really reach the needy Afghans, than to be spent by the NGOs and for the NGOs.

I hope that one day, in the near coming years we all will be witness of a prosperous Afghanistan next to its International Friends! On that day I hope Slovenia to be on top of the countries which devoted lots of its professionals to build up the capacity of Afghans and Afghan Government.

Zabiwollah Monib