ALDA za projekt Journey išče svetovalki_ca za področje podjetništva. Rok za prijave je 18. december 2019, vse informacije so na voljo spodaj v angleščini.

As part of the JOURNEY project, “Joint Organization to Unite Rural Networks of Entrepreneurial Youth”, co-financed by the European Union’s Erasmus + Programme, ALDA is seeking two consultants on the theme of entrepreneurship. These consultants must be citizens of a European Union country.

This project proposes an innovative approach to developing the entrepreneurial potential of young people from rural areas in the Eastern Partner Countries. (Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Georgia).

Rural youth employment in the countries of the Eastern Partnership is one of today’s most important topics. These countries need innovative solutions to reduce the level of youth unemployment in rural areas and develop entrepreneurial potential in the green economy for sustainable development.

The target public is young women and men aged 18 to 30 and young youth workers, who will become their mentors, living in the Vinnytsa regions of Ukraine, Ganjabasar in Azerbaijan, Imereti region of Georgia.

One of the objectives is to create online training content on entrepreneurship.

The idea is to promote entrepreneurship training and provide mentors and young people with the necessary tools to develop entrepreneurial skills through this online training. The content of the online training will be created and developed by experts from Italy, Poland and France. The experts will record videos in English, stimulating young people to learn English. The content will also be subtitled in UA, AZ and GE to ensure access to a wider audience.

Two experts per country will work on this online course platform. It may contain texts, diagrams, questionnaires. Each expert has 15 minutes of video that he uses freely.

You will find a document listing the topics of the modules attached to this e-mail. We invite the experts to choose two of them. Regarding the content of these modules, although we proposed several subjects, experts remain free to develop others if they wish to adopt a different angle.

The main advantage of these courses is that they are accessible to this public and stimulating for their learning.

The participation in this project will be supervised by a contract. We offer a consultant contract, however, we are not closed on the type of contract.

You can contact us by mail ( or by phone at



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